NATE THE KILLA ROBOT: Founder of F2D(Fresh 2son Descendants), Also member of The Circus Runaways Crew, Prestige Arizona Bboy/Artis/Promoter/Film Editor/Designer and Newly formed DJ.

    Born: Aug.24,1985 Tucson AZ

    YAQUI(Native from Sanora Mexico area) & Mexican also known as Chicano.

    Bboy since Birth!

    Started Breaking around the age of 13, ruffly around the year of 1998 end of 97.

    Event Promoter since 2003.

    Member of THE CIRCUS RUNAWAYS since 2003.


    Established in 2005 F2D is a collective of artist from the city of Tucson AZ who have all impacted each other in major ways with a common interest for expression, Creativity with no limitations, and do what we do because we FEEL IT!

    Members Include: NateTheKillerRobot aka Killa who?, Isher Sweets, Bboy Erik aka E Thorough (Soul Shifters), Bboy Thesis (KHCA,Theme Team,MM), Bboy Roc aka Rocs All (KH), CiP 1, Man Jay aka Jesse Steps, Enron The Don Rafa, Tessai Thorough, Reflex, Bboy Leethal, Bgirl Phoenix(FOF), Turtle Kutz, Bboy Neo, Kojavu (Japan), Jessie (SPC), BBoy Gravity (5Crew), Bboy Beetle.


    The open connection with our brothers & sisters from any part of the world who share the same views and interest forming the bond between us no matter where you come from. Grassroots culture and universal conceptions. Those who show us Love and continue to build with us as CREW, some of which are like family. PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE!

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